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Thank you for your interest in “Audience of ONE” a ministry of Calvary Chapel in Inverness, Florida. Here are some fundamental guidelines we feel represent our desires for the ministry. 


Our goals:

  • Reach people who may not attend a formal church service and present them with the saving knowledge of our loving Savior Jesus Christ.

  • Provide a safe, neutral setting.

  • Encourage the saints.


We do this using classic “Rock and Roll” Christian parody music with a message that is both theologically sound and morally uplifting; believing that it is OK for Christians to enjoy stirring entertainment that represents our God in a positive way. 


If you believe that this ministry could be of benefit to you or your group we have a few ways to enjoy and support this cause: 


  • First, make plans to attend the “Holy Grounds Café and Coffee Shop” located on the campus of Calvary Chapel, Inverness.  Info about dates and times can be obtained by calling the Church office @ 352-726-1480 or visiting the website @

  • Second, we offer an Acoustic version of our concert that is well suited for smaller or more conservative venues the opportunity to enjoy this type of music.

  • Lastly, we do limited full concerts with host support.


For hosting info please 

Contact us:

Tel: ​352-726-1480
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