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The Band

Paul Giglio


Bob Stanzione


T. B. Player

Randy Fife


Heather Marino

Audience of One believes in it's name, everytime we take the stage we feel honored to be in the presence of the most high GOD, to be a part of the greatest story ever told.  After much prayer and deliberation we changed the trajectory of our ministry.  We originally started as the praise band "Redemption by Grace" (many many thanks to Darryl Suchan) but after hearing groups such as the "Apologetix" and "Righteous Pop Music", we felt that performing Christian parody would expand our ministry to reach an audience that ordinarily would not go to a formal church service.  It was from this desire that Audience of One was formed.  


We are an auxillary ministry of Calvary Chapel, which itself started as a ministry to the "Jesus" movement in California, we wanted to keep that tradition alive by taking our music to those that might have checked out of the religious scene. Almost all of what we do is highly recognizable, featuring music from the 60's thru today. The comments we get back show us that our GOD is amazing when it comes to reaching people right where they are.  


       It is our prayer that you will join with us as we all perform for an...  


                                           Audience of One

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